"Dear Nena,
We consider it our good fortune to have met you at the Cancer Control Society Convention last month. Even though we are both health professionals and felt that our dietary habits were acceptable, we now realize how much we needed to improve. We wanted to thank you for getting us started on our quest for better nutrition. Your knowledge of what comprises a healthy diet, as well as the best and most simple ways to prepare those foods, has been a real boon for us. It's very difficult to overcome a lifetime of eating easy, convenient (but unhealthy) foods, as most of us do, but you've definitely shown us how it can be realistically be done. Your knowledge and enthusiasm make you a great nutrition counselor. However, your concern and compassion are the qualities that have also made you our friend. Thank you and we hope to see you again in the near future.
Debra D. Larcher, DDS,
Steven R. Zisook, DDS

"I would recommend Mrs. Nena Niessen's food preparation and cooking to anyone. Her skill in preparing food using the alkalarian approach is perfect and her meals not only taste great but are good for you."
Robert O. Young, PhD,
Bestselling author of “The PH Miracle”

"I have had a lifetime interest in nutrition science, and so I greatly appreciate Nena's helpful and alkaline recipes that are easy and fun to make. Nena has given me the tools and the knowledge to increase my opportunity to live a longer and healthier life."
Twyla Reed Martin
Licensed Psychotherapist

"Nena offers tips & guidelines on how to create and maintain a satisfying and healthy diet in a simple & creative way. Her way of cooking will bring the whole family back to the kitchen to participate and make her delicious dishes. Bravo! "
Nina Montée Karp, Director/Producer Breast Cancer DVD
“The Path of Wellness & Healing”

"Nena's cookbook has the best approach to food and optimum health for the whole family! Using organic and fresh ingredients, her recipes are surprisingly simple to make, flavorful & delicious!"
Dr. Harvey Karp
Bestselling Author “The Happiest Baby on the Block”

"Who knew that eating alkaline foods could be this flavorful and satisfying? As a television host and mother of two, time and energy are of the essence, but Nena's easy to prepare recipes make healthful food choices turn into memorable gourmet meals for the whole family!"
Sofia Dickens
Former red carpet correspondent on Tru TV’s Hollywood Heat

"Our family and friends have all enjoyed Nena's meals. They are cooked with the best ingredients, tasty, original and cooked with care and nutritional value."  
Arianna Huffington
Editor in Chief “Huffington Post”