Nutritional Consultations

With planning, commitment and knowledge, our bodies and our minds perform in the highest order, with vitality and strength. The rules are really simple – energy in, energy out. Our God given gifts from the soil may be consumed to produce energy and radiance in our physical and mental being. We are bombarded everyday with free radicals (unpaired electrons capable of attacking healthy cells) Processed food is a killer, and we should be wise enough to honor the old and simple ways of eating, to avoid disease.

It takes time to make a beautiful salad, and it is in this process that we honor our bodies. It takes time to gather fresh organic produce to make juice, yet it is vital for our longevity. It takes time and wisdom to create a perfect soup, using mindful intent – yet it is wise and life promoting. I am in favor of “probiotics”, formulations containing beneficial living microorganisms, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and those things that God gave us. This is the abundance of mother nature!. Foods can make or break any living creature, and what we put in, will surely be what we get out. I work with clients that have eating disorders, and those that desire to change for medical reasons. There are also foods that enable us to be lighter, brighter, and spiritually in tune. Your body is your shell… the only “house” you will ever really live in – treat it with respect and nurture your being.


Good nutrition is learned and earned, through the wise choices of nutritional foods we make. In allowing our mealtimes to be a process of enjoyment, we are giving ourselves the greatest gift of increased longevity and vitality.

During the nutritional consultation, we will look at the over-all nutrition requirements for your individual case. Healthy nutrition can have a positive impact on the individual’s health, physical performance and state of mind!

When planning a healthy diet, for enhanced nutrition, we might ask:

  • What does your body need to enhance wellness?
  • What are your past eating habits?
  • What are your unique requirements for nutrition?
  • What do you want to look and feel like, months from now?

Please contact me by e-mail to schedule your nutrition renewal. Thank You!